Loro English - Spanish, Spanish - English

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Language learning tool and dictionary

Learn languages while you are on the go. Sitting in a waiting room, on your way to work or on the beach. List of most important words in Spanish and English. The word list represents the core vocabulary of each language. Words that describe objects, actions or emotions. Some words are easy others are more difficult as they are used for reporting world events and describing discoveries in medicine and science.

*** App does not work on the iPad ***

Spaced repetition is a learning technique in which increasing intervals of time are used between subsequent reviews. Loro gradually adapts the optimum spacing of repetitions. Pimsleur language courses are famous for using spaced repetition algorithms.

What can you do with Loro?

* Spanish speakers can learn English with Loro
* English speakers can learn Spanish with Loro
* Use the bilingual dictionary
* Use Loro to improve your pronunciation
* Use your iPhone as a learning device


* Over 1700 English words
* Over 1700 Spanish words
* Over 1700 audio files in English
* Over 1700 audio files in Spanish
* All words recorded by native speakers
* Example sentences and word descriptions
* Advanced learning algorithm built in
* Learn through spaced repetition
* Leitner system
* Built in bilingual dictionary
* Quick incremental search in dictionary
* Statistics to track your learning progress
* No network connection needed
* Future updates are free
* Built-in help
* Send in your word proposals

Why you want to learn with Loro

* Through the spaced repetition algorithm you will be able to learn effectively and efficiently.
* Only 10 minutes of learning a day improves your language skills considerably.
* Each word has a description or example sentence.
* Word count of the descriptions is 40.000.

Check out the screencast at prometoys.com.

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